The True

The True

The True - Closeup

The True - Hoodie Detail The True - Shoes Detail The True - Nails / Ring Detail

Location: Paradiso


////// Clothing & Accessories /////

  • Hairbow ~ includes side bow & middle bow versions & hud to change chain to gold or silver, jewels to 12 textures & pearls to 4 textures: The Sugar Garden– Crowned Jewel Hairbow
  • Collar: Candy Mountain – Chunky Collar – Available from group Lucky Boards!
  • Ears: +Half-Deer+ – Melty Sherbert Ears
  • Hoodie: The Sugar Garden – Bunny Bomber – The Seasons Story
  • Bodysuit ~ includes all system layers & appliers for cute/phat azz, tango/mirage & lushBlah. – My Sticky Candy Suit
  • Skirt: *katat0nik*– Tulle Skirt
  • Ring: [tea.s] – Pandoo Ring
  • Socks ~ includes appliers for slink & cute/phat azz: .:Buttery Toast:.– See My Toes – Fairy Kei
  • Anklets: part of The Sugar Garden– Ruffle Platforms
  • Shoes ~ for slink mid feet: Violent Seduction – Gyaru Heel – Kustom9

////// Decor Added /////

////// Body /////

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