Walking on air.

Walking on air.

This month at The Arcade you can get these sweet little chibi dolly avatars by *VinCue ~ from the Pija’s+Party gacha.  It is so much fun wandering around SL in this avatar with one of Oracul’s cheap & highly animated child/small avatar AOs.  I wore the chibi avatars with a hair by LCKY and two by Elikatira that fit them well.  The Elikatira hairs have unfortunately been retired but the LCKY hair is a recent release named Miri and it includes an un-rigged mesh version which is the one you will want to use.  If you have some short un-rigged hairs in your inventory they should be easy to fit in the hood with a little resizing and/or making some strands transparent.  There are twelve chibis to collect in the gacha and three of them are rares, the bunnies and the panda are the rares.  I think my favorite are the bunnies, I just love their little painted whisker faces and floppy ears!  Lets turn SL into a sweeter place, head to The Arcade and try your luck with *VinCue ~’s machine! ~(=^‥^)/

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Walking on air ~ closer Walking on air ~ closer Walking on air ~ closer Walking on air ~ closer

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