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My passion in Second Life is exploring & shopping and as I’ve always enjoyed taking photos in real life, I do in SL too.  I’ve been around since 2004 but I started logging on with a lust for shopping since the introduction of mesh.  Mesh has brought SL to the next level and inspired yet more creativity to be immersed into this world and I’m beyond impressed by what designers have made with it.

After mesh broke out on the grid I started accumulating so many different looks and outfits. Friends & people I came across while out & about would see me and ask, “Where did you get this or that? I want it!”  So I created this blog in order to share the things and places in SL that I love with everyone, including people that I don’t get the pleasure of meeting face to face.

My in world name is Katarina Chatnoir and it was inspired by my beloved green eyed noir persian cat that I grew up with. His name was Monsieur Le Chat Noir and for those that don’t know – it’s French which translates to Mr Black Cat in English.  ^ ^

I hope you enjoy the things and places I share as much as I do.  I don’t bite so feel free to IM me anytime with questions, comments or just to say hi.

♥ xoxo Kat

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