♥ Looking for a blogger? ♥

I accept most review copies as I enjoy how one item can inspire a whole new outfit and look.  The possibilities are endless…

Most importantly, thank you so much for considering me to review and display your designs on my blog and on Flickr!  Each of my posts are featured in over ten SL fashion feeds, over 100 Flickr groups, on SLX Connect and I have over 5,000 Flickr followers.  If you would like to share some of your releases with me then please send them to Katarina Chatnoir in world.  If you are a brand that I haven’t blogged before then include a notecard with a landmark to your main store, release date(s) and other details such as if it is part of an event. Don’t forget to include your Flickr group link if you have one <3.  Please consider my style before you send me things.  I cannot guarantee 100% that all of your items will be blogged, it really depends on how busy I am and if your designs compliment the looks I have lined up.

If you are interested in being featured on my blog regularly and want to add me to your blogger subscriber/group or event then drop me a notecard or a Flickr mail of blogger rules & requirements and I’ll get back to you.

Please understand that if I do not blog your items right away it does not mean that I don’t like them. I spend a lot of time on styling, finding locations, taking photos & editing them.  I won’t post a new look & photo until I wouldn’t mind prancing around SL in the same outfit for weeks on end. So please be patient, sometimes I even blog things twice or more if I feel it will enhance a look I am putting together. ^ ^

Thanks again!
♥ Katarina Chatnoir