Halloween is coming..

Violent Seduction released this masterpiece of a dress and I am in love with it. There are so many ways you can wear it since the skirt itself, the skirt’s cage and lace over-skirt are all different rigged mesh pieces. I have a thing for monochrome outfits but if you prefer colors it comes in […]

Every night we’ll watch the stars

It’s The Gallery Gift Shop‘s 2nd anniversary and +Half-Deer+ released some Firefly antlers at the event for only 99L.  After the event they will be priced regularly so go check it out while they’re cheap!  +Half-Deer+ also made the panda balloon stool I am afloat on in the last picture.  You can find it in […]


I am absolutely in love with the +Half-Deer+ Eternum Antlers Gacha that was featured in this past Arcade event.  I love all of them so much that I collected every single one!  This makes my first Gacha obsession and yes it was an expensive one. I was heartbroken when Second Life servers ate these rare […]